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A Complete Guide to Getting a Life Plan in the Philippines

Posted by Golden Future Life Plans on November 25, 2020

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • What is a Life Plan?
  • Life Plan Types and Categories
  • Life Plan vs. Life Insurance
  • Why get a Life Plan? 
    • Pays for the Rising Life Plan Costs
    • More Life Plan Options Available
    • Funding Various Financial Goals
  • What is included in a Life Plan? 
    • Full Mortuary Service
    • Chapel Viewing
    • Cremation
    • Metal Casket
    • Retrieval
    • Preservation of the Body
    • Lightings
    • Hearse
  • How to find the Best Life Plan company in the Philippines
    • Qualities to look for in Life Plan providers
    • Life Plan Price in the Philippines
    • Tips on how to compare Life Plan packages
  • Frequently Asked Questions on Life Insurance Claims
    • Things to do when the need for a Life Plan arises
    • Can I personalize my life plan service?
    • What are the Life Plan arrangements?
    • How can I submit the required documents?
    • How long does it take to process a life plan?
    • How to pay for a life plan?
    • General Requirements for availing a Life Plan
    • Other Requirements

Philippine Death Statistics


According to Philippine Statistics Authority, reported deaths in the year 2018 had reached 590,709, an increase of 2.0 percent from the previous year’s (2017) 579,237 deaths.

Moreover, the preliminary number of registered deaths from January to June 2020 reached 259,426.

With the statistics mentioned, how much are you prepared with death?

Appreciate Life Today

Life is precious and must be appreciated while it’s still there. However, are you prepared for death? After all, how often do we get a second chance?

Don’t be offended with the question – it’s the reality that makes us believe there’s an end to our existence. Life and death are connected to one another.

When the beginning is nearing its halfway, have you considered a plan that will fit your needs to help you prepare for the future? 

Let us discuss more about life plans for you to be aware of what it is.

In this blog, we will give you a complete guide to getting a life plan in the Philippines.

What is a Life Plan?

We’re all going to die. But the question is, are we prepared for it? Our life is a series of moments, and that’s the beauty of living. Nonetheless, as you grow old, you must know what priorities there are to sort out.

What if your time comes and your family doesn’t have the money and resources to process your funeral? Would you want to let them suffer paying the bills? Or would you re-adjust your decisions to plan everything ahead? Think twice.

The good thing is, a life plan is offered to solve issues like this.

In a nutshell, a memorial, or a life plan, is a prepaid service that includes the provision of memorial services, a casket of choice, and a host of other benefits.

A memorial plan enables the plan holder to “pre-pay” forthcoming expected memorial needs when the time comes. The fee is paid at a cost that is substantially lower than when availed of as needed.

A basic memorial plan package includes the following:

  • Memorial services (traditional burial or cremation)
  • Casket or urn of choice
  • Chapel or mortuary
  • Pick-up of the body from house or hospital
  • Embalming procedure

Imagine buying a casket right after someone dies. The casket’s value will be pricey, especially when you start buying other things needed for the funeral service, such as candles, flowers, and more.

By availing a life plan, you’ll just have to pay almost one-third of the price: casket, services, and all, making it a very cost-effective product.

Check this one out to understand the concept better:

Payment TermMax 4 days5 years
Mode of paymentOne-time paymentFlexible payment terms
Discount20% SC and PWD discount10% to 50% up
Insurance coverageNot applicableApplicable
AssignabilityNot applicableApplicable
TransferabilityNot applicableApplicable

With life plans, you can ease your family’s financial burden, relieve the stress in making difficult decisions, and have a meaningful funeral.

Planning ahead for the future is one of the wisest decisions you can make during your lifetime.

Life Plan Types and Categories

There are different life plan types and categories in the Philippines. To avoid being confused, read out the following.

  • Life Plan vs. Life Insurance

Life plans and life insurance get people confused because they seem the same. Sorry to say, they’re not. There’s more to them for you to know.

A life insurance protects your family from experiencing financial burden in case of disability or death. A life insurance isn’t limited to death per se, as it also covers minor to major incidents.

According to Policy Genius, “a life insurance protects your loved ones from the risk of losing the financial support you provided when you die.”

On the other hand, a life plan is generally pre-selecting services/packages to pre-plan a funeral. Having a life plan will help you with the most immediate needs, like getting the body, preparing the body, and making sure there is a place for your departed loved ones.

With both categories, one thing is for sure: enjoy life and have peace of mind. In a lifetime, a comprehensive plan is a must!

  • Pays for the Rising Life Plan Costs

It’s better to avail a life plan now than to avail every service one at a time in the future. As time passes by, charges are revised, and it’ll be a hassle to pay more expensive stuff than before.

Save as much as possible. Nowadays, money is difficult to earn, so try and consider getting a life plan to relieve the financial burden.

  • More Life Plan Options Available

Though pre-planning a funeral is not that popular in the Philippines just yet, it doesn’t mean you should wait unprepared for the obvious. There are life plan options available for you to choose from, and it’ll be beneficial to study and be aware of them.

Aside from Golden Future Life Plans, several life plan companies are present to plan with you. Nonetheless, our offered life plans are developed to deliver the most value for our client’s hard-earned money. We believe that protection from any uncertainties in life is a must.

As early as today, you can set aside the funds for the funeral services and contact a life plan provider.

Your action today will save your family from being overwhelmed when the time comes for you to say goodbye. Do you want to burden them with bills? Or would you like to leave peacefully as it could be?

  • Funding Various Financial Goals

Living is tough when financial issues are there for us to pay. With that, budgeting helps people in great ways. All purchases of financial products should be done in a larger context.

Funding various financial goals is necessary to avoid having debts throughout time. In those goals, make sure to get a life plan to secure and pay for.

  • What is included in a Life Plan? 
  • Full Mortuary Service

Mortuary services include the overall preparation of the body. It is often more focused on caring for and preparing the body for burial or cremation purposes.

  • Chapel Viewing

A chapel viewing is a time when people come to see the deceased after a funeral company has prepared them.

  • Cremation

The process of burning a dead body at very high temperatures until there are only brittle.

  • Metal Casket

Inclusion of metal casket that’s designed to hold the remains of the deceased.

  • Retrieval

The process of retrieving the deceased for burial, either from a house or hospital.

  • Embalming and Cosmetics

  • Lightings

Inclusion of lightings for the deceased to provide a beautiful display during a funeral or memorial service.

  • Hearse

Conveying the deceased to the place of burial.

  • Golden Future Life Plan in the Philippines

Whatever situations you may face, knowing how to best prepare for the expected and unexpected can help make the transition hassle-free.

Knowing how to spend your money is one of the primary ways you can do to survive the future.  Although you are most likely to die in time, it’s a wise choice to secure a robust life plan to cover potential financial burdens.

If you’re looking for an affordable life plan in the Philippines, check out the following for your consideration.

Types of Golden Future Life Plan in the Philippines


With Golden Future’s life plans, you could plan for a worry-free future. If you have any questions or clarifications about the packages, feel free to shoot us a message. We’ve got you covered.

  • How to find the Best Life Plan Company in the Philippines

Finding the best life plan company in the Philippines is like finding a deal that’s right for you.

Having a life plan is a serious matter. Death is unfortunate, but it is an inevitable event that we need to admit.

We all end up dying – it is just a matter of how and when. In that case, make sure to choose the right company to help you.

Remember this: planning on something that is destined to happen seems a reasonable thing to do. Until it happens, make sure to look forward to each day with a smile.

Check out the following stuff you need to make sure.

  • Qualities to look for in Life Plan providers

Life plan providers are common in the Philippines. However, it’s always better to cherry-pick the ones who can be trusted. Always verify some details before making a move!

Here are several qualities to look for in life plan providers in the country.


Availing of a life plan package should be relevant and cost-effective for people. With some Filipinos juggling their jobs just to provide food for their family, budgeting is of the essence.

Having a trustworthy life plan provider gives assurance that your money is taken care of. No lies, wasted money, and problems to think through.

Even though a life plan payment can be done on a monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, or annual basis, your money would be lost in a snap if you trust liars and swindlers.

Choose wisely to avoid having complications with such matters.

Stable and well-founded

Check out companies with government regulators like the Insurance Commission or the Securities and Exchange Commission to ensure they are not in trouble.

By ensuring these things, you’ll be out of distress because the company won’t dismiss or neglect you in the process. Being stable is beyond vital when cash is involved.


Look around for a life plan provider that offers the best package – or rather, flexible rates.

Remember this: don’t pay more than you can afford.

Whether you believe that death is appointed or just unexpected, there’s no need to hurry and starve yourself to death with premium payments.

In the Philippines, some companies offer reasonable prices that are right for your budget.

Competitive Spirit

Choose life plan providers that owe it to their customers to keep fighting.

Close to Customers

It’s important to choose life plan providers that are wrapped up in customers – along with their dreams, hopes, and their lives.

Wrapping Up

The ultimate decision-maker is yourself. Make sure that all the facts have been laid down before choosing “the one.”

Can you imagine planning a birthday party in just a few days? Not a chance. Everything is in order when you prepare for the things ahead.

Planning for a funeral in advance is a smart thing to do. Making funeral plans at the time of death is extremely difficult when the time frame is short. Meaning, an excellent life plan provider is advisable to assist you with decision making.

Generally, funeral homes in the Philippines offer all-in-one packages for their customers. These packages include the processing of the legal documents, embalming, casket of their choice, and the venue of the funeral.

According to Fitz Villafuerte, “a simple funeral setup would cost around P15,000, while a grand service can cost as much as P500,000 per se. On average, the total amount of P150,000 would be a reasonable figure to expect. If a service isn’t included in the funeral package, expect to spend on some additional costs to make it happen.”

All in all, the mid-range cost of dying in the Philippines would be around P200,000. Pretty expensive, right?

Considering a specific budget is vitally important when it comes to having a life plan. Luckily, there are packages for people to consider that are a fit to their needs and savings.

Each life plan is different per company. To give you an estimate, here are Golden Future’s life plan packages to enlighten you.

New KAIBIGAN Plan – P 72,000

New TAHANAN Plan – P 72,000

TAHANAN Cremation Plan – P 80,000

New KAPILYA Plan – P 100,000

KAPILYA Cremation Plan – P 95,000

New DESTINY Plan – P 170,000

New LEGACY Plan – P 300,000

Each price varies depending on the services it covers. As the planner, you have the liberty to choose the kind you’d like to have. Luckily, life plan companies are all around to give you your wishes.

  • Tips on how to compare Life Plan packages

Comparing life plan packages is useful as you can decide better later on. For you to be sure about what to reflect, here are tips on how to compare life plan packages in the Philippines.

  1. Make sure to decide if their offered price equals their services. Some companies offer high-priced fees, but the package isn’t satisfactory and worth it to purchase.
  1. Know your needs. Don’t just settle on a single life plan because there are other options for you to know. There’s no need to rush.
  1. Check the company if they’re steady enough to fulfill their life plan packages.
  1. Check the benefits. Apart from the basic package, some memorial plans also offer further benefits, so make sure to know your worth.
  1. Have all other competitors laid down on the table. Know who among them deserves to be picked. Choose the best package that you feel is right and just. Do not settle for less.
  • Frequently Asked Questions on Life Insurance Claims

Considering a life insurance is a difficult decision to think through, and it’s normal to be confused. You’ll certainly have issues and questions about it, so here we go.

Below lies the FAQs on Life Insurance Claims.

  • Things to do when the need for a Life Plan arises

Here are five things to do when the need for a Life Plan arises.

  1. Make sure to have an up-to-date will to take care of your family.

Being settled is important not only to you, but for your family’s mental freedom as well. If you don’t have a will, your loved ones might feel uncertain about what to do next, especially with funeral matters. What is it that you wanted when you were still alive?

  1. Consider a pre-payment for your memorial services/packages.

Discussing the need for life plans seems overwhelming because you’re still alive – we get that. However, a prepaid funeral plan can be comforting from this day forward.

A prepaid funeral package can give you the liberty to get on and appreciate life, with the peace of mind that your funeral arrangements are looked after.

  1. Choose a life plan company that is reliable for such matters.

Life plan providers in the Philippines are all helpful, but make sure to cherry-pick the one that’ll help you accomplish your desired outcome. Life plans are rather costly than cheap, so be sure to decide twice than to have nothing as a result.

  1. Talk with your family about your decision to have a life plan.

Having your family alert of your decisions will help them shortly. Being knowledgeable is better than being ignorant and clueless.

  1. Enjoy life to the fullest.

Having a life plan doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll perish shortly. As you pay for your chosen package, make sure to spend time with yourself and your loved ones.

As Eleanor Roosevelt said, “the purpose of life is to live it, to taste experience to the utmost, to reach out eagerly and without fear for newer and richer experience.”

Life live to the fullest!

  • Can I personalize my life plan service?

Life plans are usually in packages for people to choose. However, you could choose a specific package that’ll cover what you want.


At Golden Future, our inclusions per package are enough for you to consider. Get the gist of our life plans here and inform us once you’re interested: Life Plans Philippines, Memorial Plan | Golden Future Life Plans.

  • What are the Life Plan arrangements?

Life plan arrangements are specifically prepared by funeral companies based on varied needs and preferences. Each arrangement is fixed with other services and benefits for people to decide on.

  • How can I submit the required documents?

You can submit the required documents by giving it over the counter or online. Nowadays, people accomplish things with the use of the Internet.

  • How long does it take to process a life plan?

It takes time to process a life plan but rest assured that you’re taken care of. It can be fast or not, depending on other factors as well.

  • How to pay for a life plan?

You can pay for a life plan by personally visiting the company or with various payment platforms in the country.

At Golden Future, we are happy to inform you that you may now pay your accounts with ease and convenience. Golden Future is in partnership with Pay Maya to offer you a better payment experience, especially this year.

Keep your accounts ready and updated through any technological devices with the new and improved Golden Future Website!

Aside from Pay Maya, you could also consider over the counter, bank deposits, and cheque.

  • General Requirements for Life Plan

There are certain general requirements for availing a life plan in the Philippines. For more information, you may contact the company to assist you every step of the way. It’s better to have a sincere discussion with them since you’re both talking about a serious matter.

For Golden Future, you need to complete the following:

Life Plan Application Form (can be done online or through physical forms)

Copy of Government valid ID, with three specimen signatures

  • Other Requirements

To know the complete list of requirements, be sure to contact and discuss everything with the staff of the company you’ve chosen. It’s their responsibility to update and guide you with everything. Simply message them through their email or social media pages! 


With this Complete Guide to Getting a Life Plan in the Philippines, we do hope that you’ve learned things you’ve always wanted to know.

At Golden Future, we’re always here to guide you. Do you want to receive updates and promos from us? We’ve got you covered!

Make sure to visit our website for more! Treasure beautiful memories of a lifetime with the first and only multitude Death Care Service in the Philippines. Bestow indelible resting place to yourself and loved ones.

Plan it now; ask us how.

Interested about our life plans? Know more here or contact us.

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