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Summer Heat Index in the Philippines 2024

Posted by Golden Future Life Plans on April 23, 2024


Different diseases arises as temperature rises in the country, causing the head index to increase as well. Class suspensions have even become the best option so students can avoid getting weak due to the summer heat. But, trying to beat this heat shall be extended up to the month of May.

What is Heat Index?

The heat index, also known as the apparent temperature, is a measure of how hot it feels to the human body when relative humidity is factored in with the actual air temperature. In other words, it is not just about how hot it is. It is also about how much moisture is in the air and how that affects our bodies’ ability to cool down through sweating.

You can calculate heat index using a formula that takes into account both temperature and humidity. The formula combines these two factors to determine an “apparent temperature” that reflects how hot it feels to us. The equation typically used to calculate the heat index is quite complex, involving several variables, but it essentially boils down to this: as humidity increases, the heat index also increases, even if the actual air temperature remains the same.

PAG-ASA’s Heat Index Categories

Caution (≤ 41°C)

At this level, individuals are advised to take caution, especially those who are exposed to outdoor activities. While not extremely dangerous, prolonged exposure may lead to discomfort and mild heat-related illnesses if preventive measures are not taken.

Extreme Caution (41.1°C – 54°C)

This category signifies a higher risk of heat-related illnesses, particularly for vulnerable groups such as children, elderly individuals, and individuals with pre-existing health conditions. Precautionary measures such as staying hydrated, avoiding strenuous activities, and seeking shade are the common advices.

Danger (≥ 54.1°C)

Dangerously high heat index levels pose a significant threat to human health, increasing the risk of heatstroke, heat exhaustion, and other severe heat-related illnesses. It is crucial to take immediate action to mitigate exposure to extreme heat, including staying indoors in air-conditioned or well-ventilated spaces and avoiding outdoor activities during peak heat hours.

Extreme Danger (≥ 60°C)

This category represents the highest level of heat index, indicating an extreme risk of heat-related emergencies. Exposure to such extreme heat levels can quickly lead to life-threatening conditions, requiring immediate medical attention. Individuals must prioritize their safety by staying hydrated, seeking cooler environments, and minimizing outdoor exposure.

Why Does Humidity Matter?

Humidity plays a crucial role in how our bodies perceive temperature because it affects our ability to sweat and cool down. When the air is humid, sweat evaporates more slowly, which makes it harder for our bodies to release heat. As a result, even moderately high temperatures can feel much hotter and more uncomfortable when the humidity is high.

Final Rays

In light of these considerations, proactive measures such as drinking lots of water, avoiding the sun, and refraining from demanding outdoor activities during peak heat hours are essential for personal well-being during the sweltering summer months. Furthermore, recognizing the role of humidity in exacerbating the perceived temperature underscores the need for informed decision-making when planning outdoor activities.

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