Cremation Plans

Cremation plans are the planning and preparation for a person’s cremation after death. Cremation is a popular choice for many people nowadays since it is a less expensive and more environmentally friendly option than traditional burial.

Golden Future believes that protecting oneself from uncertainties in life is essential, which drives its eagerness to assist clients in achieving the best quality of service and a worry-free future.


  • Our cremation plans have flexible payment options, payable for 5 years.
  • The availability of memorial plans varies by location.

How much is the cremation in the Philippines?

Golden Future Life Plans offer affordable life plan packages. There are two cremation life plan products that ranges from Php80,000 to Php95,000.

KAPILYA Cremation Plan

One of Golden Future Life Plans cremation plan product is called Kapilya Cremation Plan. It is a cost-effective life plan with first-rate traditional and cremation service, to be provided by one of our accredited mortuary service partners.

Our cremation plan package includes a traditional funeral prior to crematorium or following cremation. Visitation, funeral service, and cremation service are all part of the process.

Below are the life plan inclusions and features for our cremation product as well as the price. We have several payment options to choose from.

Plan Inclusions / Features

Plan Prices


P 95,000

10% discount on Spot Cash Payment


P 2,020


P 5,810


P 11,140


P 19,000

Cremation with Traditional Service

This includes both traditional funeral services as well as cremations with embalming and casket rental. Cremation takes place before or after burial services.

Golden Future

TAHANAN Cremation Plan

Another cremation life plan product of Golden Future Life Plans is called Tahanan Cremation Plan. It is one of our affordable and cost-effective life plans with home viewing and our first-rate cremation service.

Our cremation service package includes a traditional funeral prior to or following cremation services. Visitation, funeral service, and cremation services are all part of the process.

Below are the life plan inclusions and features for our cremation product as well as the price. We have several payment options to choose from.

Plan Inclusions / Features

Plan Prices


P 80,000

10% discount on Spot Cash Payment


P 1,700


P 4,900


P 9,380


P 16,000

More about Cremation

Golden Future

The Rise of Cremation in the Philippines

The increase in COVID-19-related deaths has put a spotlight on the crematorium industry, as cremation requests have more than doubled. Furthermore, because of the restrictions on social gatherings, many people choose cremation as a much cheaper alternative to traditional burials.

The Cremation Process from Start to Finish

In American society cremations and burials have become more common compared to traditional burials. This is the same trend happening in the Philippines. Currently, almost half of all American people choose cremation. In 2035, it is expected to surpass 78 percent.

How Does Cremation Work?

Cremation is the process of burying a deceased person’s body by reducing it to ashes. It is cremation is a funeral practice that has been practiced for thousands of years across various cultures and religions, and it is cremation that is becoming increasingly popular as an alternative to traditional burial in many parts of the world.

What Happens to a Body During Cremation?

Cremation is when human remains become ashes or minerals by burning or oxidizing them. A furnace for disintegrating dead bodies must reach temperatures – 1,800 oF. Some people have metal inside them due to surgery they undergo throughout their lives.

How is a Body Prepared for Cremation?

The bodies are then retracted which is cooled in the range of 1800 – 1800 degrees Fahrenheit. During such temperature the body burns and bone turns into ash. After cremation is finished, the remains are put in the graves and disposed of.

How Long does it Take for a Body to be Cremated?

It can take three to three weeks depending on strength of retort and weight. When these steps complete, the cremations emerge from the retract and are then analyzed.

Why do People Get Cremated?

The majority choose cremation for cost effectiveness compared to funerals with cremations in caskets. Some people choose it due to various options after funeral. In some cases, families might scatter the ashes in a coffin, put them inside sycamore, or bring their urns home for burial.

Finalizing the Remains

In the wake of the cremation the remains are examined to see what remains have been left from the body. Those may occur when objects like screws, pins or joints have been surgically implanted on a victim during his rebirth. Metal can be sucked out by hand or by magnet, then sent to recycling. The cremated remains are then incorporated with the final result by an expert in the processing of cremation.

What Happens to the Remains after Cremation?

It is more personalized to be stored than traditional burials are. Cremated remains are very easy to move so if a person is relocated the deceased is relocated.

What are the Advantages of Opting for Cremation?

Cremation has several advantages over traditional burial, including a lower cost and a lower environmental impact. Cremation does not necessitate the purchase of land or a casket, making it a more cost-effective option for many families. Furthermore, cremation avoids the use of embalming chemicals, which can be harmful to the environment.

Cremation also gives families more options for the final disposition of their loved one’s remains.

Cremation and Grief

Families can find meaningful ways to remember and celebrate the life of their loved one by scattering ashes, keeping the ashes at home, or holding a memorial service. Finally, it is critical to remember that each person’s grieving process is unique, and there is no right or wrong way to grieve.

Cremation in Summary

Overall, a cremation service is a widely accepted and respected method of burying loved ones. It provides a number of advantages, such as cost savings and increased flexibility, while still providing a dignified service and respectful final resting place.

Cremation is now the preferred method of preserving our loved ones’ ashes and remains. Funeral and crematorium services can include everything from cremation to a cremation chapel for funerals, jewelry, and the most affordable option of all, a package of apartments or a burial at various cemeteries. Some are easily affordable in installment plans for up to five years, making this one of the best affordable investments in the Philippines with pre-need services and life plans.

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