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Frequently Asked Questions


Ground floor of the San Ezekiel building located at C-5 Extension Villar SIPAG Complex, Las Pinas, 1742 Metro Manila.

It is a pre-need plan with guaranteed complete memorial service in preparation for one’s departure from life. It provides peace of mind to one’s loved ones when that day comes. 

Golden Future Life Plans’ Traditional Plan is for individuals who prefer a heartfelt ceremony centered around a casket. The memorial service can be a 7-day home viewing or 4-day chapel viewing, depending on preference. Among its features are: 

  • Metal Casket 
  • Body Retrieval 
  • Embalming and Cosmetics 
  • Lightings 
  • Hearse 

Golden Future Life Plans’ Cremation Plan is for individuals who opt for a respectful and gentle process of transforming a loved one’s body into ashes. The memorial service can be a 7-day home viewing (Tahanan Cremation Plan) or 4-day chapel viewing (Kapilya Cremation Plan). Among its features are: 

  • Cremation with Marble Urn 
  • 4-Hour Use of Crematory 
  • Metal Casket (Ceremonial) 
  • Body Retrieval 
  • Embalming and Cosmetics 
  • Lightings 
  • Hearse 

The Planholder cannot change their plan once availed. Should they desire changes or a downgrade, the Planholder will need to avail themselves of another plan. Any downgrade to be requested does not mean there is a change in the price of the Life Plan. For upgrade, any additional costs for services not included in the Life Plan will be borne by the Planholder’s family or beneficiaries.  

A person within legal age can purchase a Life Plan from us if all the requirements are accomplished:  

  • Life Plan Application Form (LPAF) with complete information 
  • Valid ID with three specimen signatures 
  • First payment 

You can visit our main office at Golden Haven Bldg., Villar SIPAG Complex, C5 Extension Road, Pulanglupa Uno, Las Piñas City.  

You can also purchase online through our Online Purchase website: https://purchase.goldenfuture.com.ph/login 

A tutorial can be watched here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eC4Q6HyHoLE 

We are open from Monday to Saturday, 9:00 PM to 6:00 PM. The cutoff for payments is 5:30 PM. 

At present, we have mortuary partners in most cities of Metro Manila and some provinces of North Luzon, South Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao. You may visit this website to locate mortuary partners near you: https://www.goldenfuture.com.ph/partners-search/ 

A Planholder may transfer the plan after three (3) months from the effective date of the Plan, provided it is up-to-date or updated at the time of transfer. If a plan is lapsed, it cannot be transferred. 

Yes. This is possible when you transfer it to another person or surrender it for its Plan Termination Value. 

We have a sixty (60) day period given to the Planholder for paying the accrued installment dues. This is counted from the due date of the first unpaid installment. The grace period indicates that the Life Plan is still considered valid and in force. 

You can pay in cash or by cheque. 

You can also pay over the counter through: 

  • ECPay 
  • AllBank 
  • AllCASH 
  • Security Bank 
  • M Lhullier 

For Bills Payment, here are your options: 

  • BDO 
  • Asia United Bank 
  • AllBank 
  • AllEasy 
  • Chinabank 
  • Security Bank 
  • Maya  
  • GCash 

Website Payment is also allowed through this link: https://payments.goldenfuture.com.ph/ 

Accounts Management


Yes, Golden Future Life Plans Inc. can be assigned to anybody, provided the outstanding balance is fully paid.

If the inclusions in the package is not fully utilize for any reason, Golden Future Life Plans Inc. will not refund unused services.

Golden Future Life Plan Inc. packages does not include flowers and body storage. It is an additional cost to be paid to the accredited mortuary partner, who rendered the service.

Upon claiming or utilization of Life Plan, it can no longer be changed to another plan. Any upgrade in the service will be negotiated directly with the accredited mortuary partner.

Yes, the family can transfer the body from one viewing place to another. However, the extra cost will be shouldered by the family.

  • If the Life Plan Contract is more than one (1) year, there is no need to pay for the outstanding balance of the plan.
  • If Life Plan will be assigned, the outstanding balance must be settled.

Assignment Fee is five hundred (php500) pesos.

Yes, the planholder/family representative just need to execute and submit a duly notarized Affidavit of Loss to GoldenFuture Claims Department.

Golden Future Life Plans Inc. can only be used with its accredited mortuary partners.

Any discount on Cremation Service should be negotiated with the accredited mortuary.  The mortuary will decide on the cremation discount.

Standard turn-around-time is thirty (30) days upon submission of complete claims document.  However, the Insurer may ask for additional documents if needed for further evaluation.

Yes, but co-beneficiaries must execute Special Power of Attorney (SPA) and Waiver of Rights.

If the beneficiary is a minor the Insurer requires submission of duly notarized Affidavit of Guardianship.

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